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3 Steps Your Painters Should Be Taking

Posted on Thursday, 09 March 2017

painting contractors Plymouth

Updating your home’s paint job is a crucial part of keeping it protected from the elements, and preventing serious issues like bug infestations, rot and the formation of mold. Calling up your painting contractors in Plymouth is the best way to get a smooth, beautiful paint job that you can appreciate. Even if you happen to trust your painters, you may want to keep an eye open to ensure they’re doing everything possible to get the job done right. There are three key steps your painters need to be taking in order to really get you your money’s worth when painting your house:

Washing the House

One of the very first steps your painting contractors in Plymouth should take when they arrive is to wash your house. Typically this will involve the use of a power washer, which applies the right amount of pressure to wipe any dirt, grime and other imperfections off of your siding. This prevents issues from occurring as the paint dries, and helps the new coat to last longer.

Prepping the Surface

Surface preparation is another critical step in the exterior painting process. This involves a whole host of potential steps. While not all of them will be necessary on most projects, you’ll usually need to deal with at least some of these issues before painting to ensure the job goes smoothly:

• Replacing rotten wood

• Removing excess, non-adhering caulk

• Applying new caulk

• Sanding for better paint adhesion

• Priming

Final Inspection

After all is said and done, your contractor shouldn’t just take off into the sunset. They should perform a final inspection to ensure that everything has gone is planned and you won’t be experiencing any peeling or bubbling due to oversights or mistakes during the painting process.

It’s crucial that your painting contractors in Plymouth follow each of these steps throughout their process to make sure you’re getting the right results for your hard-earned cash, and that your home will look it’s absolute best when they’re done.