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Do You Really Need a Lifetime Warranty on Your House Painting?

Getting your Needham house painted requires quite a bit of planning. It’s a large enough project that you’d rather not need to do it again soon. That’s why a lifetime residential painting warranty in Needham is quite an attractive option. However, you may benefit from looking at other warranty options as well. Lifetime warranties might not actually be what you need.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the warranty. In general, warranties cover issues related to poor application of paint. If the paint erodes because it naturally breaks down after ten years, that won’t be covered by a warranty, even if it’s a “lifetime” warranty. On the other hand, if it can be shown that the painting company did not apply the paint properly, the warranty will cover certain costs of maintenance. The costs that it covers can vary. In some cases, only the new paint is covered. In other cases, the labor involved to replace the paint is covered, but the paint itself is not. Other warranties cover both, and perhaps other expenses as well. You should take a look at what the lifetime warranty covers and see if it is really as good an option as a shorter-term residential painting warranty in Needham.

Should the Painting Company Be Offering Lifetime Warranties?

This is a critical question, and it is a good way to weed out less qualified exterior painting service providers. Some brand new businesses offer lifetime warranties even though they’ve only been around for a year. There’s no way for you to get a sense of the company’s willingness to respond to maintenance needs. These businesses usually assume that homeowners will be too lazy to call for maintenance.

Ultimately, the decision to get a lifetime residential painting warranty in Needham is yours to make. However, you can improve your decision making by finding out more about the company’s experience and the types of services covered by the warranty.