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Is Your Favorite Color a Good Color to Paint Your House?

When choosing an exterior painting warranty in Newton, MA, you’ll probably want to have a sense of how much effort it takes to have your house painted. One of the main factors is the amount of time the painting job will require. Your house isn’t quite the same when several people are working on it eight hours a day, so the faster the paint job, the better. There are a number of things that could contribute to the length of the process, so you may want to get some input from the company. However, there are a few major variables that you can use to make an estimate.

How Big Is Your Home?

This is a no-brainer. The bigger the house, the longer it will take to paint it. The time really takes a leap when you add a second (or even a third) story. This is because the painters will need to install safety equipment and scaffolding to reach those higher levels. If your house has multiple stories, you might want to consider getting a longer exterior painting warranty in Newton, MA.

Are You Hiring Local Painters?

It’s a great idea to hire painters in your area. It’s hard to predict when new equipment may become necessary, and a painting company based far away will take much longer to get these supplies to the job site. Don’t underestimate how much time this could add to the job, and keep this issue in mind for future repaintings.

Is There Already a Coat of Paint on Your House?

Of course, once you get your house painted, the answer to this question will be “yes” for ever more. Scraping off the old layers of paint adds a significant amount of time to the job. So be sure to factor this in when choosing your exterior painting warranty in Newton, MA – the longer one just might be the better choice.