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Does an Exterior Painting Warranty Mean Better Quality?

Choosing a commercial painter can be tricky. As with roofing companies, the work that commercial painters do is supposed to last a long time, possibly two decades or more. Because of this, it’s difficult to track the performance of these companies. People who get their houses painted aren’t usually able to gauge the quality of the paint job right away. Years down the line, however, they’re less likely to provide a review. Fortunately, you can get some sense of the quality with an exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA. Although warranties are not synonymous with quality, they do provide a benchmark for the stability of the paint job.

What Warranties Don’t Tell You

Warranties are a highly generalized way of informing the consumer how long the paint job will be expected to last. Unfortunately, there are a lot of climate-specific and painter-specific factors that could extend or reduce the time for which the paint will hold out. Harsh winters, strong sunlight and dry climates can all cause paint to wear down, and a poorly executed application will also weaken the paint layer and make it more susceptible to these environmental factors. When you’re considering an exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA, you should talk with the painting company about issues like these.

Should You Choose the Longest Warranty?

Since warranties emphasize stability over aesthetics, you should also consider how long you expect to live in your current house. On average, Americans live in a given home for a period of seven years. If you think you might be moving in a decade or less, then you really won’t be needing a lifetime exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA. However, it’s always tricky to tell whether or not you’ll turn out to be the average American homeowner, so you could be better off opting for the longest warranty you can get.