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What’s the Meaning of a Painting Warranty?

When you’re getting ready to have your Plymouth house painted, you want to make sure that the paint is going to last. Even though you are probably not doing the painting yourself, it’s still not a project that you would like to repeat soon. You’ll probably have to move things around in the yard a fair amount, and getting in and out of the house may be tricky at times. Fortunately, a lot of paints are covered with a lifetime warranty. This sounds great, but what does an exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA actually mean?

It Depends On Where You Live

One thing that many homeowners are not aware of is that paint can be strongly affected by climate. Different climates present different challenges that may cause paint to not hold up as long as expected. An exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA will probably be the same as one in Arizona, but the actual results could be quite different. Environmental factors that are particularly hard on paint include ultraviolet rays, dryness and harsh winters. Your home probably gets its fair share of wind and rain, so you may want to ask your painting company how these factors might affect the warranty.

It Depends On the Company’s Skill

In all industries, some companies are simply better than others, and commercial painting is no exception. The likelihood of your exterior painting warranty in Plymouth, MA does depend to some extent on the skill of the people doing the job. Poor paint application will make it less likely to last a long time, so you’ll have one more reason to choose the painters carefully.

So if you’re hoping to get lots of years out of your paint job, be sure to speak openly with the painting company about how the climate might affect the paint’s integrity. You’ll also want to do some research to make sure their work will be long-lasting.