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Is It Okay to Have Your House Painted After It Rains?

You may be aware that you should wait a couple of days between having your house pressure washed and getting it painted. As a resident of Newton, MA, you’re probably also wondering whether you should wait a couple days to do a house painting job after a heavy rain. Fortunately for those who experienced a downpour just before the date they set for the paint job, it’s not the same thing as a pressure wash. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to get your exterior painting in Plymouth, MA done shortly after a period of rain as long as everything looks dry.

Differences Between Rain and Pressure Washing

Rain never hits your home with the same power as a pressure wash. If it did, you probably wouldn’t need to pressure wash your home nearly so often. This means that the siding of your house won’t soak up rain water the way it soaks up water from the pressure wash. After a period of rain, if your siding looks dry, you’ll have the green light to get on with your exterior painting in Plymouth, MA.

Another big difference between rain and pressure washing is that the soffits and eaves (both portions of the roof that hang over the outside of the exterior walls) prevent rain from accessing large swaths of the siding. In fact, this is what soffits and eaves are made to do. When you pressure wash the house, on the other hand, you make a point of reaching every inch of siding, leaving a much larger area that needs to dry.

What If It Rains Right After Your House Gets Painted?

Paint these days dries pretty quickly, so if your exterior painting in Plymouth, MA is followed very shortly by a bout of rain, you probably don’t need to worry. The eaves and soffits will keep a good amount of the newly painted area dry as well.