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Most Important Questions to Ask About Painting Warranties

A lot of homeowners in Needham don’t know a whole lot about house painting. You’re probably one of them. If you’re kind of fuzzy on the idea of a commercial painting warranty, don’t sweat it. Most people know very little about this aspect of the house painting business and have absolutely no idea what sort of warranty to go for. Ultimately, the choice of a commercial painting warranty in Needham is up to you, but there are a few questions you should ask the painters before choosing. There are also some questions you should ask yourself.

Ask the Company How Long They’ve Been In Business

A warranty doesn’t mean much if a painting company hasn’t been in business for very long. There’s no way to find out how well they adhere to warranties that are longer than the number of years they’ve been operating. Unfortunately, the situation of a one-year-old company offering eight-year, ten-year or even lifetime warranties is a common one. When you’re considering a commercial painting warranty in Needham, the company’s years of experience matters.

Ask the Company What Exactly They Are Warranting

There are several different things a warranty can cover, such as materials, labor and vertical surfaces. Some warranties cover all of them, but others cover just one or two. This will help you gauge the amount of help the painting company will offer to maintain the paint job for the term of the warranty.

Ask Yourself How Long You Plan to Live in Your House

This may seem silly, but a lot of people don’t realize that a lifetime commercial painting warranty in Needham is completely unnecessary. If you have reason to believe that you won’t be living in your house for more than a decade, you should go for a shorter warranty. The average American homeowner only stays in a given house for about seven years.