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Will Your House Color Affect Its Appraisal?

If you’re trying to figure out what color to paint your Plymouth house, you may be wondering how the decision will affect your ability to sell your home. People interested in putting their homes on the marketplace often have appraisals conducted to determine a listing price. If you’re concerned about picking the wrong color, you may be relieved to know that stylistic choices such as paint color do not affect the appraisal. Within reasonable limits, you can go with your own preferences when calling up commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA.

Appraisals Don’t Concern Matters of Taste

Matters of taste are subjective, and for this reason appraisals don’t take them into consideration. In fact, when you’re thinking of putting your house up on the market one day, you won’t need to worry about any exterior or interior colors, curtains, paintings and other stylistic choices. Professionals conducting appraisals assume that the new owners can very easily take advantage of commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA if they don’t like the current color.

The Color Could Affect Sale Price, However

Although the appraisal won’t take into account the desirability of your home’s color, people interested in purchasing it might make judgments based on that. It’s always a good idea to pick a hue that blends in with the rest of the neighborhood. In general, people prefer neutral colors for their homes and shy away from bright colors that stand out. However, each neighborhood has its own special character and some places actually welcome bright colors. Providers of commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA can give you some insight into the more popular choices for colors in the area.

It’s up to you whether you want to plan ahead for the sale of your home or just go with your own preferences. The good news is that the appraisal will give the same results regardless of the color you choose.