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Why Do Some Colors Cost More?

When you’re getting ready to hire commercial painting services in Newton, you might be surprised to learn that your chosen color is one of the more expensive options. Shouldn’t all colors cost virtually the same, if the paint is said to be of the same quality? As it turns out, the difference in price has to do with the amount of paint that is required to properly cover the siding and give the color its full effect. Even though the paint is of the same quality and made by the same company, certain colors will require more layers in order to look good.

General Trends for Color Costs

To understand the way in which the color of paint affects its price, you need to have a sense of how well a given color covers its background. Commercial painting services in Newton can delve deeper into the details for you, but here are the basic guidelines. The best covering, and hence the cheapest, colors are the earthy tones of medium brightness. These include slate grays and earthy browns. Dark, rich colors, especially a red tone, lie at the other end of the spectrum. These tones require more layers and therefore will be more expensive. You’ll also find that the cost goes up with pastels, since they usually need to cover a siding material that is darker in tone.

When to Go With More Expensive Paints

Most people familiar with commercial painting services in Newton, MA will probably encourage you to opt for the more expensive paints. This is good advice, because in the external painting industry, higher prices really do mean better quality. If you plan on being in your house for a long time, you probably want to minimize the likelihood that another painting job will be necessary. Choosing the pricier option is also smart if you’re going for a color that doesn’t cover well. Since a higher price means more pigment per unit of paint, you might actually need fewer layers of the pricier paint.