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Why Pressure Washing Is Important Prior to Painting

Before you call in the professionals for commercial painting in Newton, MA, you should not fail to have your house pressure washed. People often leave out this crucial component of a new paint job, and they tend to regret it later. Paint doesn’t stick properly when there are contaminating substances here and there on your home’s siding. Forgetting to pressure wash the siding will result in you needing to have your house repainted over and over again.

It’s The Only Way to Get Rid of All Contaminants

Pressure washing is the only method for removing all of the most stubborn unwanted substances on your siding. Dirt and dust may come off easily when you take a mop to the wall, but what about mildew and films of pollen? These contaminants stick well to the side of your house and resist cleaning in any way besides pressure washing. You also need to keep in mind that your eyes can’t actually see all the contaminants that could end up ruining your commercial painting in Newton, MA.

The Paint Is Only as Good as the Surface Underneath

If you don’t pressure wash your house before painting, or the painting company you hire does not offer a pressure washing service, the paint will fail much more quickly than it should. At first, it will look just fine. It will stick to the siding and appear smooth over the unseen contaminants. However, you will find it peeling off in just half the time it’s supposed to last for. You should expect to require commercial painting in Newton, MA every seven years or so. If you don’t pressure wash your house, the new paint will only last three or four years. That’s a big difference, especially when it takes so much effort to have the house repainted! It’s always best to plan ahead and perform all the requisite steps.