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How the Climate Affects Paint

Despite all the advances in materials science, paint still has its weaknesses. Your house in Newton, MA experiences a wide variety of weather types, and each of these affects the paint on it in a different way. If you’re noticing cracks appearing in the paint layer, it might be time to bring in a commercial painting company in Newton, MA to put on a brand new layer. Understanding how the Newton climate affects paint will help you determine when it’s time to have a new paint job done.

Both Sun and Rain Present Challenges

When it comes to paint stability, challenges can arise in all sorts of weather conditions. Heavy rains can expose weaknesses, but so can dryness and bright sunlight. The sun’s UV rays are capable of causing house paint to break down more quickly, so people living in Arizona may find their houses needing to be repainted fairly often. Seaside homes also can have serious paint problems because of the humid, salty air. These homes might need to be repainted as often as once a year. Fortunately, in Newton, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Most likely, wind and rain during the chilly winters will be the worst offender. On average, people need to engage the services of a commercial painting company in Newton, MA about once every seven years.

How to Know It’s Time to Repaint

If you see any peeling, it’s definitely time to have your house repainted. Things just go downhill from there. However, if your seven years are up and you don’t see any peeling, the choice might not be so obvious. You may want to hire professional help to scout out hidden spots of decay and other damage. Your local commercial painting company in Newton, MA may be able to help you determine when a new coat of paint is necessary.