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I've Been In Eastern Massachusetts My Whole Life And Met
Countless Homeowners Totally Disheartened About A
Paint Job That Didn’t Last—Or Worse…

So I Did Something About It

Jamie Clark, Founder and Owner

My name is Jamie Clark and I am the owner of No Risk Painting. I have been in the business since 1999, when I started painting houses during the summer with a few of my college friends. I soon realized that I enjoyed the simple pleasure of treating people with care while providing them with great service. After graduation, I reflected on the many conversations that I had with my customers and I wondered why they were so impressed with my crew. After all, all we did was be courteous while taking a little extra pride in our work.

A common theme that was expressed to me was that contractors (not just painters) did not have the best reputation. I learned of many stories of customers who paid large deposits, only to have a painter/roofer/window guy take three months to do a job that should only take a week, or worse yet, disappear entirely!

Painting industry standard says that a contractor collects 1/3 of the total cost of the job upfront and another 1/3 at the beginning of the job; this leaves just the last 1/3 left before any real work was done! This structure is clearly unfair to the consumer!

I also discovered that painters do not like to give a real warranty. Whether it was because a lot of painters are not in business that long, or a fear of the costs of offering a real warranty, I found little more than verbal promises of them “standing behind their work”. That did not sit well with me.

Lastly, I found too many contractors that still collected payment even if their work was substandard. I believe that if you are not happy with the work you hired someone to do then you shouldn’t pay until they make it right!

I knew that I could make a great company if I could solve all of these common customer complaints. So that is exactly what I set out to do. My company would offer great service at a great price while not taking any labor deposit money up front. I would also not take any labor payments until the job was complete…completely complete! Lastly, I would stand behind our great work with a warranty that actually means something!

It is with these ideals that I created No Risk Painting; the area’s only true risk free painting option and 100% satisfaction guarantee. With No Risk you will not pay a dime for our labor until the job is done and you are completely satisfied. You will receive the longest written warranty in all of Eastern Mass and Southern New Hampshire with work done by a company with an A+ rating with the BBB.

I knew at the time that creating a customer first company was a great idea and I couldn’t be more proud of work put into completing over 3,000 homes over the last 12 years. We would love it if you would join our giant list of happy homeowners. I promise you that I will personally make sure that choosing No Risk Painting is a great experience for you and your family.